Water Damage


In a water damage situation, it is our goal to restore your house to its pre-leak condition or even better!

Call us as soon as possible when you discover a roof leak, frozen pipe, or other water infiltration—we offer 24/7 emergency service—and we can stop the leak to minimize damage to your home or business.

After the leak is stopped, we can quickly schedule a time to:

  • Meet with you, our client, to assess the damage; and
  • Provide an estimate of the cost to extract the water and treat or replace affected items.

When you hire us, we will also:

  • Meet with your insurance adjuster to work out the details and advocate/negotiate for you, the client; and
  • Provide you a project time line for completion of any needed cleanup and repairs.

Here is what to expect from the water extraction, cleaning and repair process.  L & R will:

  • Use moisture probes to determine the extent of the area affected;
  • Move out any contents in damp areas, clean and sanitize them;
  • Extract water with a combination of vacuuming, dehumidifiers, drying fans/air movers to get your home completely dry;
  • Monitor the drying equipment every 24 hours through the drying process;
  • Clean and sanitize the structural items that remain in place (most can be saved through prompt water extraction);
  • Treat all items for the prevention of mold;
  • Deodorize all affected areas and materials; and
  • Repair and replace items as needed.

We have completed formal training, have extensive experience in water damage restoration, and are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC).


Water Damage 1

This shows where we removed the old-fashioned bulkhead above the cabinets and also installed all new electrical with recessed lights.

Water Damage 2

This is a close up of the same newly designed kitchen as Water Damage 1.

Water Damage 3

We removed and cleaned the water damaged floor and area and installed tile and bamboo hardwood.

Water Damage 4

It is hard to tell this is the same house because we removed the wall on the back of the kitchen and built a pantry, we moved the kitchen wall out 3 feet to widen the kitchen and we removed the wall in front to open up the dining and family rooms.