Fire Damage


In a fire damage situation, it is our goal to restore your house to its pre-fire condition or even better!  And we will work to make your difficult situation a little easier with a lot less to worry about.

Call us as soon as possible after a fire, and we will immediately schedule a time to:

  • Meet with you, our client, to assess the damage; and
  • Provide an estimate of the cost to repair.

When you hire us, we will:

  • Meet with your insurance adjuster to work out the details and advocate/negotiate for you, the client; and
  • Provide you a project time line, including how long you may have to be out of the house.

Here is what to expect from the repair process after a fire.  L & R will:

  • Move out any contents that need smoke smell and soot removal and clean them;
  • Obtain any needed permits for structural, electrical, plumbing or HVAC repair;
  • Remove structural items that are too heavily damaged or destroyed;
  • Clean and smoke treat the structural items that remain in place;
  • Go through the inspection process after structural, electrical, plumbing or HVAC items are roughed in;
  • Re-apply state of the art insulation, dry wall, flooring, cabinetry, windows/doors and trim items; and
  • Re-paint as agreed.

Our smoke treatment process for remaining structural items includes a combination of:

  • Sand and soda blasting;
  • Smoke-cleaning chemicals; and
  • Sealing the items.

We have completed formal training and have extensive experience in smoke damage cleaning and guarantee to remove the smoke smell from your home.

Fire 1

Not only did we gut the kitchen, but we also renovated a small kitchen into a large, beautiful one by knocking out some walls and redesigning the kitchen.

Fire 2

This shows the full kitchen from “Fire 1″ where you can see the other wall that we removed and the hugeness of the new kitchen.

Fire 3

We stripped this kitchen to remove all smoke odor and made it look new with upgraded cabinets and a tile floor.

Fire 4

This is the opposite side of the kitchen from the Fire 3 picture.

Fire 5

We were able to save this floor by stripping it and refinishing it to a pristine condition.