Before & Afters

Collapse 1

This entire side of the basement collapsed due to water pressure. After propping up the first level to prevent further damage, we built a nice, sturdy new basement wall.

Collapse 2

In order to repair the basement wall that you see in “Collapse 1″ we had no other choice but to gain access by demolishing the deck. It wasn’t so bad, though, because we were able to build a much nicer deck once we repaired the wall.

Fire 1

Not only did we gut the kitchen, but we also renovated a small kitchen into a large, beautiful one by knocking out some walls and redesigning the kitchen.

Fire 2

This shows the full kitchen from “Fire 1″ where you can see the other wall that we removed and the hugeness of the new kitchen.

Fire 3

We stripped this kitchen to remove all smoke odor and made it look new with upgraded cabinets and a tile floor.

Fire 4

This is the opposite side of the kitchen from the Fire 3 picture.

Fire 5

We were able to save this floor by stripping it and refinishing it to a pristine condition.


Using special cleaning agents for smoke, paint and new carpet, we were able to restore this bedroom to a brand new condition.

Water Damage 1

This shows where we removed the old-fashioned bulkhead above the cabinets and also installed all new electrical with recessed lights.

Water Damage 2

This is a close up of the same newly designed kitchen as Water Damage 1.

Water Damage 3

We removed and cleaned the water damaged floor and area and installed tile and bamboo hardwood.

Water Damage 4

It is hard to tell this is the same house because we removed the wall on the back of the kitchen and built a pantry, we moved the kitchen wall out 3 feet to widen the kitchen and we removed the wall in front to open up the dining and family rooms.